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2004 Minutes




1.    Commissioners Bayerl, Knutson, Nies and Wangerin were present.  Commissioner Dose was absent. 

2.    Nies/Wangerin motion approved the agenda as revised.

3.    Wangerin/Knutson motion approved the consent agenda including: Auditor's Warrants; Oct. 14, 2004, and Oct. 19, 2004, County Board Meeting Minutes and Synopsis; Work Order No. 2 for SP 43-715-02 CSAH 115 to Reiner Contracting, Hutchinson for muck excavation for an estimated addition of $47,712;  Confession of judgment for delinquent real estate taxes from Aaron K. Conn and Mellissa Anderson for Property I.D. No. 15.054.0040 in Biscay for $3,699.78 payable for 2003 and prior years.

The meeting recessed at 9:05 a.m.




McLeod County Commissioners Knutson, Nies and Wangerin were present.  Renville Commissioners Ralph Novotny and Bob Fox participated via conference call.

Novotny/Nies motion approved June 17, 2004, Joint Ditch No. 4 McLeod / Renville recessed hearing minutes.

Wangerin/Fox motion adjourned Joint Ditch No. 4 McLeod / Renville meeting at 9:08 a.m.

The McLeod County Board meeting resumed at 9:08 a.m.

4.    Wangerin/Nies motion approved paying bills totaling $ 133,206.19.

5.    Knutson/Nies motion purchased IBM Computer with second processor and memory upgrade for $ 6,903.33 including tax from Compar of Minnetonka, MN for GIS division of Highway Department.

6.    Wangerin/Knutson motion carried unanimously to adopt Resolution 04-RB22-50 to establish County Highway 93.

7.    Nies/Knutson motion approved agreement with Cintas of Maple Grove, MN for servicing entryway mats in courthouse for annual cost of $1,092 effective Nov. 2, 2004 - Nov. 1, 2005.

8.    Wangerin/Nies motion approved additional courthouse tuckpointing for $9,854 from Acme Tuckpointing of Minneapolis, MN.

9.    Wangerin/Knutson motion renewed Leave without Pay Program for 2005 with two enrollment periods and policy clarification regarding one-day increments.

10.  Nies/Wangerin motion authorized purchase of APC uninterrupted power supply product from Compar of Minnetonka, MN for $1,325.92 including tax and shipping.

11.  Nies/Knutson motion appointed Nan Crary as voting delegate and Ray Bayerl as voting alternate for Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust annual meeting in St. Cloud, MN on Dec. 6, 2004.

12.  Nies/Knutson motion accepted 60-day waiver expiring Jan. 5, 2005, for Final Plat of Sioux Hills No. 4 JP04-P5 for Skip Quade of Hutchinson, MN.

13.  Wangerin/Knutson motion authorized County Attorney Michael Junge to execute summons in application for registration, a notice and acknowledgment of service by mail and assent to registration regarding Sorensen and Naustdal Properties, LLC, Rolling Meadows East related to relocation of County Road 12.

14.  Knutson/Wangerin motion authorized assigning deputy to Southwest Metro Drug Task Force and hiring replacement deputy.

15.  Nies/Knutson motion approved Southwest Metro Drug Task Force Joint Powers Agreement effective Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2005, with McLeod County match of $8,400.

16.  Nies/Wangerin motion authorized purchase of a dog from Performance Kennels of Buffalo, MN for $5,000 for canine service.

17.  Wangerin/Nies motion authorized purchase of two 2005 Ford Crown Victorias from Superior Ford of Plymouth, MN at $21,224 per squad for total of $42,488 and two 2005 Dodge Durangos from Dodge of Burnsville of Burnsville, MN at $23,540 per squad for total of $ 47,080 through the state contract.

18.  Nies/Knutson motion approved advertising and filling Communications Officer vacancy due to resignation.

19.  Wangerin/Nies motion approved payment of $2,025 to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for dock at Belle Lake.

20.  Nies/Wangerin motion approved Resolution 04-CB-51 Clandestine Drug Lab Sites Ordinance.


Discussion was also held concerning the following:

James Lauer was introduced as the new McLeod County Veterans Service Officer.




Complete minutes are on file in the County Administrator's Office.  The meeting recessed at 11:08 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. November 16,, 2004, in the County Boardroom.




Nan Crary, Clerk                                             Ray Bayerl, Board Chair



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