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1/13/2012 - McLeod for Tomorrow 2014 Winterfest - Adminsitration

The charitable organization, McLeod for Tomorrow, is hosting the 2nd annual McLeod for Tomorrow Winterfest Event on February 1, 2014 from 10:00AM- 2:00PM at the McLeod County Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.  The free family fun event includes activities such as sleigh and dogsled rides, snow shoeing, a medallion hunt, ice skating, snow bikes and many generous prizes that will be given away including a small airplane ride, rain barrel and numerous gift certificates for dining at local restaurants. Food and drink will be available for a cost.

Please click on the link above to view more information pertaining to the event.


11/04/2013 2nd Half Agricultural Tax Due - Auditor-Treasurer's Office

McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer, Cindy Schultz, would like to remind McLeod County residents that the second half of your property tax payments for agricultural properties is due November 15, 2013.
Payments are accepted by mail, in person at the McLeod County North Complex building 2391 Hennepin Ave. N. from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or there is a convenient PAYMENT DROP BOX located just outside of the building.
If you are interested in paying by credit card or e-check, visit the County website: There is a fee involved for paying your property tax by this method.
If mailing, please return your statement stub with your payment to insure proper credit. Postmark determines mail payment date. Late postmarks will be returned for proper penalty. Minnesota Statutes direct a penalty be assessed on late payments.

10/21/13 -Assessors Office


Homestead Notice:  If you have purchased a non-homestead property, the deadline for applying for the homestead is December 15th.  This is for taxes payable 2014.  You must occupy the propery by December 1st.  Please contact the County Assessor's office at 320-864-1254 to have a form sent to you or if you have any questions.


9/6/13 - On-Line Auction - Administration

Please click on the link above to view information pertaining to the current on-line auction which inludes vehicles, office equipment and more.


8/23/13-Local Public Health Employee is being highlighted on the Univeristy of Minnesota Extension's Center for Community Vitality- Public Health Nursing Department

Across the state of Minnesota, local leaders and citizens are engaged in leadership and civic engagement programs. Together, they make new things happen where they live and work. In these videos, a few alumni of Extension's programs share their stories and their perspectives on community leadership.

Kerry Ward, McLeod County SHIP Coordinator and local Public Health employee had some great experiences thru her local leadership program McLeod for Tomorrow and working with key stakeholders across McLeod County.

8/15/13 - Input Invited in Development of 2014-2015 Child Care Assistance Program Plan - Social Services Department

McLeod Social Service Center is in the process of developing their 2014-2015 Child Care Assistance Program Plan and is seeking input and comments by interested parties.

Copies of the current plan are available to all interested individuals from the County website.  Input for the 2014-2015 Child Care Assistance Program Plan can be submitted via email to until Friday, August 30, 2013.



8/15/13 - Citizen Participation Invited in Development of  2014-2015 MFIP Biennial Service Agreement - Social Services Department

The McLeod County Welfare & Social Service Committee is developing the 2014-2015 Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) Biennial Service Agreement (BSA). Citizen participation is invited in the development of this Agreement.

The purpose of the Agreement is to provide the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) with information about services and strategies to meet state established outcomes and identify strategies that McLeod County will use to achieve these outcomes, towards the goal of increasing the economic stability of low income families served with consolidated funds.

Click here to continue reading.



7/22/13 - McLeod Social Service Center’s Children’s Services Unit to host “ART INSPIRES DAY!” - Social Services Department

Plans are well underway to host the first “Art Inspires Day” at the McLeod County Fairgrounds – Hutchinson. The date has been set for Tuesday, August 27, 2013, at the Commercial Building.
Working with children who have been abused and/or neglected, we are taking a closer look at behaviors in relation to the trauma that has been experienced. Because the arts inspire hope and build self-esteem for youth who have experienced poverty, homelessness, abuse and mental illness, we hope to use the power of artistic expression to help in healing.
Youth will have opportunities in painting, gardening, quilting, sculpting, drawing, expressing themselves with food, and much more.
This first “Art Inspires Day” is only for youth who are working with a Social Worker at McLeod Social Service Center and not open to the public.
For more information, contact Theresa Dworak:      320-864-1434


7/12/13  -  Highway Department 

South Grade Road Bridge Replacement begins -


7/8/13 Flood Assistance -  Administration Department

Please follow the link below for important information on flood assistance in response to the June 20-24, 2013 flooding in McLeod County:


5/31/13  -  Construction Update - Highway Department

Roundabout construction at TH 15/CR 115 starts June 3.  Click here for more information and detour map...


3/19/2013 - 2013 Property Tax Statements - Auditor-Treasurer

The 2013 property tax statements were mailed Monday, March 18, 2013. 


1/9/13 - Extension Update - Extension Office 

Please click on the link above to review the update for the Extension Department. 


1/9/13  -  McLeod for Tomorrow Winterfest - Adminstration Department

Please click on the link above to view information pertaining to the McLoed for Tomorrow Winterfest.. 


1/10/13  -  Construction Update - Highway Department

The CR 15 bridge project has been suspended until spring.


12/6/12  -  Snow/Ice - Highway Department

Want to know what our plows are doing, when we start and end?  Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Facebook and Twitter, username "McLeodCoHwy". 


11/30/2012 - Enviromental Update - Environmental Services Department

Please click on the link above to review the update for the Environmental Services Department. 


11/30/2012 - Performance Measurement Program - Administration Department

In February 2011, the Council released a standard set of ten performance measures for counties that will aid residents, taxpayers, and state and local elected officials in determining the efficiency of counties in providing services.  Click on the above Performance Measurement Program link for McLeod County measururement results.


11/13/2012 - Juvenile Youth Program - Administration Department

Mcleod County juvenile offenders help maintain the McLeod County Fairgrounds.  Click on the above Juvenile Youth Program link for more infromation.


11/9/2012 - ePermitting - Highway Department

Our Highway Department has implemented an online electronic permitting application for all of its permits, including Right of Way (utility or special use), Transportation (annual and single trip moves), and Access/Entrance permits.  Paper forms are no longer accepted.  To access the site CLICK HERE.


10/4/2012  -  Assessor Office Update

Currently we are working on finshing up our quarterly review of properties in the county.  If you see a pink sticky note on your door please call.  It is our way of verifying information and making sure we have accurate data on properties in the county.  As we wind up the year we will be working on making adjustments to value based on what the market is doing.  Our sales study runs from 9/2011 to 10/2012.  The qualified sales in this period determine what kind of market adjustment we do on properties for the 2013 Assessment.   In March of 2013 we will be sending out our valuation notices (they will be with the tax statements) and if you have any questions please call us.  We are always willing to go over how we determined your market value and welcome questions. 

9/14/12 - Absentee Voting - Auditor-Treasurer

Absentee ballots will be available on September 21, 2012 for the State General Election on November 6, 2012.  Absentee Voting information and applications are now available on our website.  Click on the above Absentee Voting link for more information.

 8/30/12 - September is Eligibility Worker Month! - Gary Sprynczynatyk, Social Services

“I don’t have enough money at the end of the week to pay for food. With gas prices so high, I’m not sure I can afford my prescription this month. Dad may have to go into a nursing home but we don’t know how we’ll pay those high costs. I am working and going to school, but not sure I can afford to pay for the cost of Day Care. I lost my job recently, can’t find another one, and my unemployment is about to run out.”*
The week of September 24 - 28, please help to recognize the wonderful efforts of the Eligibility Workers (Stacy, Shirley, Rebecca, Melissa, Lori, Laura, Kathy, Julie, Jenni, Janet, Elizabeth, Diann, and Dayna), the Lead Eligibility Worker (Shelly), and their Supervisor (Donna K.). New to the unit, originally from Hutchinson, we also welcome Angela Abrahamson, who joined this team on July 30!       
Please click here for more information.


  8/15/12  - August is Child Support Enforcement Month!  -  Gary Sprynczynatyk, Social Services

The week of August 13–17, I take the opportunity to recognize the wonderful efforts of the Child Support Officers (Beth, Denise, Lisa B., Lisa W-M., Michelle, and Shanna), and with their Supervisor (Gladys), and the Support Enforcement Aids (Jamie, Jenni, and Sharon). The month of August is recognized within the State of Minnesota as “Child Support Enforcement Month.”
In Minnesota, county and state child support offices provider services for more than 395,000 custodial and noncustodial parents and their 268,000 children. All families who receive public assistance are required to cooperate with the child support office - - to establish - - and enforce - - their child support orders. The goal is to help families work towards becoming and remaining self-sufficient.    For more information, click here

8/8/12 - Road Construction - Highway

CR 33 roadwork began today.  CR 3 roadwork between TH 22 and CR 72 will begin later this week.  Both roads will be closed; unless you live along road or have businees along road please use alternate routes.     CR 15 north of Glencoe is scheduled to close 8/13 for bridge replacement, follow detour. 

For up to date information please find us on Facebook and Twitter, username "McLeodCoHwy". 


7/31/12 Primary Election - Auditor-Treasurer
On August 14, 2012, McLeod County will be holding a Statewide Primary Election.  For more information concerning this Primary Election, click on the Primary Election link above.

7/31/12 Public Accuracy Test - Auditor-Treasurer
A public accuracy test of the M100 Ballot Counters and AutoMark will be held on August 6, 2012 starting at 8:30 A.M. at the McLeod County North Complex Building Large Conference Room, 2391 Hennepin Ave., N., Glencoe, Minnesota.  This test is open to the public.

7/17/12 Absentee Voting Information - Auditor-Treasurer
Absentee ballots are now available for the August 14, 2012 State Primary Election.  Absentee Voting information and applications are now available on our website.  Click on the above Absentee Voting link for more information.

7/6/12 Septic System Maintenance Demonstration - Adminstration
On July 18th the McLeod County Environmental Service Department is hosting 2 Informational Meetings about Septic System Maintenance.  Please click on the above Septic System Maintenance Demonstration link for more information.

 7/6/12 Student Government Day - Adminstration
On May 8th the County Board had the privilege of providing several outstanding students from area schools with an insider’s view of County government.  Click on the above Student Government Day link for more information.


5/21/12  Filing For County Commissioner or Soil & Water Supervisor - Auditor-Treasurer

McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer, Cindy Schultz, announces the candidate filing period begins on Tuesday, May 22nd and ends Tuesday, June 5th at 5:00 p.m.  Candidates interested in filing for County Commissioner Districts #1, #3, #4 and #5 and Soil and Water Supervisor Districts #3, #4 and #5  should contact the Auditor-Treasurer’s Office at 320-864-1210 for more information. 

5/11/12 Property Taxes Due - Auditor-Treasurer

McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer, Cindy Schultz, would like to remind McLeod County residents that the first half of your property tax is due Tuesday, May 15, 2012.
Payments are accepted by mail, in person at the McLeod County North Complex building 2391 Hennepin Ave. N. from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or there is a convenient payment drop box located just outside of the building.

4/16/12  Dust Control Program - Highway

A dust control program has been approved for 2012. Applications will be accepted until May 23. See Highway Department website for applications and more information at


3/7/12 McLeod for Tomorrow - Administration
McLeod County in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Extension is once again providing residents of McLeod County with an opportunity to develop leadership skills and tour some of the successful businesses within McLeod County.Click on the above link for more information. 

   2/29/12 2012 County Certified Levy - Administration
McLeod County certified its 2012 levy with no increase from the levy of 2011.  See the attached document with a listing of the Minnesota certified County levy amounts for 2012.


2/24/12 2012 Chili Feed Fundraiser - Administration
On February 15, 2012 the McLeod County Employee Enrichment and Development (EED) Committee worked with the five Commissioners and County Administrator to provide chili, grilled cheese sandwiches, milk and dessert for employees.   Click on the above title for more information.


2/22/12 Winter presented "Friend of Agriculture Award for 2011" - Administration
Nathan Winter, Extension Educator, was presented the "Friend of Agriculture Award for 2011" by the McLeod County Soybean Growers.  The award was given for Nathan's contributions with the grower group through corn and soybean plot coordination and his efforts as an ex-officio board member for the last seven years.  He has partnered with the organization to help increase agricultural awareness through outrreach efforts to area radio stations.


2/19/12 Schultz named to Honor Roll - Administration
Cindy Schultz, McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer, has been named to the Minnesota Assocation of County Officers (MACO) Honor Roll.  Ms. Schultz was recognized for her efforts in promoting the best interests of the MACO organization including her many years in a key organizational role of the annual MACO conference. 


2/19/12 Schrupp elected President - Administration
Lynn Ette Schrupp, McLeod County Recorder, has been elected President of the Minnesota County Recorder's Association (MCRA) for the year 2012.  All 87 counties in Minnesota are members of MCRA.  Ms. Schrupp also served as President in 2011 and as served as McLeod County Recorder and Registrar of Titles since 2003.


1/11/12  MCIT Awards- Administration
Congratulations to McLeod County staff that were recently awarded Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust (MCIT) awards for outstanding performance in safety.  Click on the above MCIT Awards link for more information. 




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