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2008 Minutes


310 2nd Street North, Brownton, MN.
1.      Commissioners Bayerl, Knutson, Nies, Terlinden and Wangerin were present. 
2.      Wangerin/Terlinden motion approved agenda as revised.
3.      Nies/Bayerl motion approved consent agenda including: Sept. 11, 2008, County Board Meeting Minutes and Synopsis; Sept. 12, 2008, Auditor's Warrants; Sept. 19, 2008, Auditor's Warrants;  Sept. 23, 2008, Auditor’s Warrants; Financial institutions as depositories of McLeod County as designated by McLeod County Treasurer Linda Radtke for two years, beginning Oct. 6, 2008 – Oct. 5, 2010: Citizens Bank & Trust Co. of Hutchinson, MN; First Community Bank Lester Prairie of Lester Prairie, MN; First Community Bank Silver Lake of Silver Lake, MN; First Minnesota Bank of Glencoe, MN; Flagship Bank of Winsted, MN; Home State Bank of Hutchinson, MN; Mid Country Bank of Hutchinson, MN; Security Bank & Trust Co. of  Glencoe, MN; Wells Fargo Bank of Hutchinson, MN; MAGIC Fund (Minnesota Association of Governments Investing for Counties.)
4.   Bayerl/Nies motion tabled to Oct. 7, 2008, awarding fairgrounds parking lot project.
5.      Wangerin/Terlinden motion approved hiring intermittent part-time Registered Nurse.
6.      Bayerl/Wangerin motion approved filling full-time public health nurse vacancy.
7.      Nies/Terlinden motion approved filling full-time Secretary III vacancy in Court Services.
8.      Wangerin/Nies motion approved payment of bills totaling $291,230.65 from funds: General Revenue $201,733.53; Road and Bridge $39,220.69; Solid Waste $11,281.81; Special Revenue $23,649.62; and Capital Projects $15,345.00.
9.      Bayerl/Wangerin motion set 4:30 p.m. Oct. 28 to receive bids for printing 2007 financial statement.
10. Wangerin/Bayerl motion approved Resolution 08-CB-48 Election Equipment from grant funds.
11. Terlinden/Nies motion approved $6,000 Occupancy Permit to bring prisoners back to Jail.
Discussion was also held concerning the following:
1.      County Attorney Michael Junge informed board regarding summons and complaint 281 CARE Committee et al. v. Ross Arneson, et al.
2.      Final candidates for County Administrator were announced: Patrick Melvin of Deephaven and Stephen Bloom of Eden Prairie.
3.      One o’clock p.m. Oct. 6, 2008, set for final interviews for County Administrator position. 
4.      Workshop for 2009 staffing requests set for 1:30 p.m. Oct. 7, 2008, in County Boardroom.
5.      Meeting set at 9 a.m. Oct. 20, 2008, in County Boardroom for revised 2009 budgets.
Complete minutes are on file in the CountyAdministrator's Office. The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. for the month of September.
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Cindy Schultz, County Auditor                                      Grant Knutson, Board Chair

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