Program Integrity

*97.7% of McLeod County youth who had a substantiated maltreatment did not have a repeat offense within 12 months.  The threshold is 90.0%; Statewide average performance was 92% and Region 6 averaged 94.5%; 

 *67.4% of McLeod County youth in Foster Care were discharged to Permanency within 12 months (to parents, relatives, guardian, or adoption).  The threshold is 40.5%; Statewide average performance was 50.5% and Region 6 averaged 65.6%;

*68.4% of days in Family Foster Care were with a relative!  The threshold is 28.3%; Statewide average was 53.3% and Region 6 averaged 61%; 

 *79.8% of adults eligible for MFIP (MN Families Investment Program) or DWP (Diversionary Work Program) were either off cash assistance, or, on and working at least 30 hours per week after their base quarter!  The threshold for McLeod County is 71.4%.

The McLeod County Welfare and Social Service Committee joins the Human Service Director in commending the staffs for their dedicated efforts and no need to complete Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs).