McLeod County CARES Act Information

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McLeod County CARES Act Information

Funds have been made available to McLeod County and municipalities within McLeod County for COVID-19 related expenses within the timeframe of March 1, 2020 through December 1, 2020. In response, McLeod County has formed a committee, the CARES Act CRF Committee, to manage the recommendations to distribute these dollars through the McLeod County Board of Commissioners. These dollars can be used for assistance with consulting and management of dollars, and McLeod County has hired Piehl Hanson Beckman (PHB) Certified Public Accountants firm in Hutchinson to manage the transactions and auditing of these funds.

Eligible McLeod County municipalities have also received funds. All McLeod County municipalities were invited to use the services of the County hired through PHB and the CRF Committee to ensure they have adequate resources to manage and distribute their funds. Several cities and townships within McLeod County have opted to distribute their dollars through McLeod County due to resource and time constraints, and to ensure the dollars are distributed within federal guidelines. These cities and townships are included on the application for funds so that local businesses and non-profit groups can apply for the funds from both the county and their city or township through one application. Several cities and townships have chosen to manage their funds separately as well.

Cities and townships have until November 15, 2020 to distribute their funds to eligible recipients. The county has until December 10, 2020 to distribute their funds to eligible recipients. The due dates contained in the applications correlate with current due dates and time constraints. State and federal government continue to work through the timelines and regulations for the expenditure of these dollars; it is expected that there will be changes throughout this time period for the timelines and eligible expenses. This has been a confusing process to manage in a short time period, and the county will continue to do their best in staying up-to-date while adjusting the process as needed.

McLeod County has received $4,368,783 to distribute (not including the funds managed for other municipalities within the county). A preliminary breakdown of the funds has been determined by the CRF Committee as seen below:
1. Community Resilience: $250,000 (Housing, food and financial assistance through local partners)
2. Business and Non-Profit Assistance: $1,500,000
3. Education Partners Support (K-12): $500,000
4. County Emergency Response and Funding of Expenses: $1,618,783
5. Reserved for to-be-determined Costs: $500,000

*All eligible businesses, organizations and educational institutions who wish to receive funds must go through the application process; no dollars will be automatically allocated at this time.

These allocations are subject to change with the needs identified throughout this process. Eligible applicants are encouraged to apply for these funds through the grant application process for qualifying COVID-19 related expenses.

Applications will be reviewed by the CRF Committee and submitted to the McLeod County Board for consideration. Funds will be distributed based on need and availability of funds, along with timing of completed and submitted application receipt, and approval of the McLeod County Board of Commissioners at their regular meetings. Applicants will be notified of approval or denial of their grant application via email.

McLeod County schools have been allocated an eligible amount of funds for which they may apply based on 2019 student population in their K-12 institution(s). They must complete the application prior to October 2, 2020.