Facilities Lease Information

Facility Rentals:
The Fairgrounds has buildings and rooms available for meetings, family gatherings, wedding receptions and trade shows. If you are interested in playing tennis, we offer 4 indoor heated gym courts, available 7 days a week. For weekend reservations, please call reserve prior to Friday at 12Noon.
Please call for reservations at 320-484-4311 (Randy) or 320-484-4301 (Cindy).  You can also email: randy.starke@co.mcleod.mn.us

Fairgrounds Brochure: Facility Brochure
Layout of the grounds: Building Map

Down Payments / Security Deposits:
If lease is < $100; full payment is due at time of signing the lease request, to secure the date/facility (Non-Refundable);

If lease is > $100; A deposit of $100.00 is due at the time of signing the request for lease request to secure date/facility (Non-Refundable); Balance due prior to your event date;  

Lessee is responsible for: 
* Full Payment prior to rental date
* Doors: notify office staff when you would like the doors to open/close for your event prior to rental day (Office hours 8 am-4:30pm Mon-Fri)
* if items are hung on the walls, etc., please use blue painters tape only
* all garbage will be placed in trash can
* floors will be swept
* tables will be wiped down
* all decorations removed
* lights will be turned off