Employee Policies

Some of the McLeod County Employee Policies are viewable on this page. For more on the employee polices refer to your McLeod County Employee Handbook.

McLeod County Cellular Telephone Policy
The purpose of this policy is to define the cellular telephone usage by employees to encourage the enhancement of communications while ensuring efficient, safe and high-quality customer service to the citizens of McLeod County.

McLeod County Meal Reimbursement Policy
The purpose of this policy is to define the meal reimbursement procedures for County employees, elected officials, and authorized representatives for expenses incurred while conducting business on behalf of McLeod County as required by the County

McLeod County Safety Program & Policy
It is the policy of McLeod County to assign safety duties and responsibilities to individuals. These individuals may delegate performance of those duties to others. However, the responsibility shall remain with those individuals originally assigned.

McLeod County Vehicle Use Policy
This policy is to define the criteria for using a County vehicle from the motor pool fleet.