General Public Policies

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McLeod County Budget Policy
The McLeod County Board of Commissioners formally adopts a county budget annually after the required public hearings, and provides the authorization for departmental expenditures. The adoption of the budget is done by the full Board of Commissioners before December 28th of each year. The budgets are approved at a fund level with the main funds being: General Revenue, Road and Bridge, Solid Waste, Social Services, and Debt Service.

McLeod County Capital Assets Policy
The purpose of this policy is to ensure adequate control and appropriate use of capital assets. The procedures are intended to establish guidelines for budgeting, purchasing, using, financial reporting, inventory, transferring, depreciating and disposing of assets.

McLeod County Electronic Transaction Policy
The purpose of this policy is in accordance with the Minnesota law enables and regulates the use of electronic transactions in state, county and other units of local government. Minnesota statutes that govern electronic transactions in county government include, but may not be limited to, 276.02, 375.171, 375.12, 385.071, 471.38, 471.381, and 471.382. McLeod County hereby adopts and sets forth policies and procedures to administer electronic transactions in accordance with applicable statutes. These policies reflect the commitment of McLeod County to utilize electronic transaction capabilities.

McLeod County Elimination of Internal Activity Policy
The internal activity of that transfer can result in the receipt and disbursement of that resource appearing more than one time in the resulting reports.

McLeod County Fund Balance Policy
The purpose of establishing a fund balance policy is to ensure the long-term economic stability of McLeod County, by maintaining an adequate level of financial resources to fund operations, and allow for unanticipated expenditures and/or revenue shortfalls.

McLeod County Investment Policy
The purpose of this policy is to set forth the investment objectives and parameters for the management of the public funds of McLeod County. This investment policy is designed to: Safeguard funds on behalf of McLeod County, assure the availability of operating and capital funds when needed, ensure compliance with applicable Minnesota Statutes, and provide a competitive investment return in light of statutory restrictions.

McLeod County Joint Ditch Policy
The following policy is intended to supplement Minnesota Statutes Chapter 103E in the Maintenance and Operation of Joint Drainage Systems within Meeker County, Districts 3, 4, and 5 of McLeod County, Renville County, and Sibley County. This policy does apply to the Joint operation of Joint drainage systems in Meeker, Districts 3, 4, and 5 McLeod, Renville, and Sibley Counties.

McLeod County Journal Entry Policy
McLeod County recognizes that journal entries are needed and made for various reasons, but not limited to: interfund transfers, advances, settlements, charge backs, prior year adjustments, payments from escrow accounts, and payments between county departments.

McLeod County Meal Reimbursement Policy
The purpose of this policy is to define the meal reimbursement procedures for County employees, elected officials, and authorized representatives for expenses incurred while conducting business on behalf of McLeod County as required by the County

McLeod County Petty Cash Policy
This policy covers the handling of the petty cash in the different departments, it outlays the handling of this cash and the uses of this cash.

McLeod County Purchasing Policy
The intent of this policy is to provide a framework that allows elected and appointed officials to operate as efficiently and economically as possible, within Minnesota Statutes including Chapters 375 and 471, while allowing for additional approval on their larger purchases. This document delineates the protocols and authority related to the purchasing of goods and services for McLeod County. It shall be followed by all McLeod County employees and officials. It is McLeod County's policy to purchase goods and services in the most professional, ethical, legal, and efficient manner possible following all McLeod County polciies and guidelines; insuring quality, considering standardization, reasonable terms, and best value to the taxpayers of McLeod County.

McLeod County Receipts Policy
This policy is designed to create a uniform receipting structure in order to prevent the loss of County assets, improve efficiency between departments and the County Auditor-Treasurer and to create accountability for departments who receipts monies.

McLeod County Vehicle Use Policy
This policy is to define the criteria for using a County vehicle from the motor pool fleet.