Fee Schedule

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Environmental Services
Law Enforcement
Public Health
Social Services
Solid Waste
Planning & Zoning
Board Approved July 18, 2017

County Wide

Data Processing
Computer Data Extract Set Up Fee  
Existing Process  $15.00
New Process  $30/hr (1 hr minimum)
Conversion to Different Platform  $30/hr (1 hr minimum)
Media Fees  
Computer Printout  $.50/page
Labels  $.05/label
Outgoing  $.50/page
Incoming  $.50/page
Employees  $.75/page
Staff Vehicles  $.35/mile 
Notary Fee  $1.00
NSF Check Charge  
Public  $.25/black & white
Employees  $.05/black & white
Government Entity  $.05/black & white
Room Rentals  
North Complex Meeting Room  $50.00 up to 2 hours/$20.00 per
 each additional hour to be charged
 in hour increments only
Saturdays  $100.00
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Special Assessments  
New Assessments                     $2.00/parcel                               
With annual minimum  $5.00
Updated Parcel  $1.00/parcel
Tax Abatements  $3.00/parcel
Special Assessment Search   $10.00/parcel
Individual Ditch Release  $10.00
Copies Ditch Maps & Files  $1.00/page
Petition for Outlet  $5.00
Notices over 10  $.30
Delinquent Tax Property  
Court Cost & Publication Fee  $20.00/parcel
Repurchase of Tax Forfeited Property  $50.00/parcel
Confession of Judgment  $100.00/parcel
Filing Fee-County Offices  $50.00
Filing Fee-SWCD  $20.00
Auditor's Certificate to Values & Taxes  
New Bond Issues  $200.00/each
Audit Verification  $50.00/each
Community Health Services  $3,000.00/year
Crow River Trails-Snowmobile  $175.00/year
Plat Book  $24.00/book
Plat book Mailed  $26.50/book
TIF District Certificate(set up)  $100.00/parcel
Revenue Recapture Fee  $25.00/parcel/year
Certificate of Current Tax  $10.00/parcel
Tax Escrow/Parcel/Year  $5.00/parcel
Automated Escrow Data Exchange  $2.50/parcel/payment file
On Sale Intoxicating Liquor  $2,000.00/year 
On Sale Intoxicating Liquor-Sunday  $100.00/year
Off Sale Intoxicating Liquor  $200.00/year
On Sale Non-Intoxicating Liquor  $200.00/year
County  $100.00
Township  $100.00
On Sale Non-Intoxicating Liquor-Restricted  $100.00/year
County  $50.00
Township  $50.00
On Sale Non-Intoxicating Liquor  $50.00/day
Off Sale Non-Intoxicating Liquor  $100.00/year
County  $50.00
Township  $50.00
Tobacco  $150.00/year
Dangerous Dog  $50.00/year
Auctioneer  $20.00/year
Transient Merchant  $150.00/year
Precious Metal  $100.00/year
Consumption & Display Permits  $25.00/year
Large Assemblies  $200.00/day
Vitals Statistic Certified Copy  $30.00+fee
Emergency-Issued Non-Work Hours Re-Issue Marriage Document(applicant error)  $15.00
Outdoor Public Fireworks Display Permit  $100.00/event
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Assessment Fees  
Acoma Township  $8,106.00  
Bergen Township  $7,339.50
Collins Township  $1,623.00
Glencoe Township  $5,764.50
Hale Township  $7,686.00
Hassan Valley  $6,573.00
Helen Township  $7,045.50
Hutchinson Township  $2,697.00
Lynn Township  $1,428.00
Penn Township  $1,095.00
Rich Valley  $1,839.00
Round Grove Township  $1,068.00
Sumter Township  $1,620.00
Winsted Township  $7,381.50
City of Biscay  $714.00
City of Brownton  $4,200.00
City of Glencoe  $25,357.50
City of Hutchinson  $61,131.00
City of Lester Prairie  $8,410.50
City of Plato  $2,352.00
City of Silver Lake  $1,362.00
City of Stewart  $1,068.00
City of Winsted  $12,075.00
Fax Assessor Field Record  $4.00/record
Special Runs  $.50/page
Corrections to Assessment Books  $30.00/parcel
Request for Assessment Info  $500.00/run
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Environmental Services 

Dye Test  $100.00
After the Fact Permits  Double Fee
Special Committee Meetings for Permit
Permit (includes one inspection)  $150.00
New Feedlot Renewal Permit Unused in First Year  $2,000.00
Additional Inspections  $50.00
Permit Amendment  $50.00
Administrative Permit  $50.00
GIS Map with or without Feedlot Setbacks  $20.00
Check or Verification of Feedlot Setbacks per Parcel except to landowner of parcel  for the first lot)  $20.00
On-site Feedlot Locating for Measurement  $100.00
Feedlot Committee Review for CUP or Variance  $200.00
Re-inspection Fee for CUP's  $50.00
Copy of Feedlot Ordinance  $20.00
Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) Permit  
Requests to Approve SSTS Permit in less than 2 working Days will Require a Fee 1.5 Times the Normal Permit Fee  $450.00
Standard Individual Subsurface Sewage Treatment System-SSTS  $300.00
Holding Tank  $150.00
Operating (new or renewal)  $50.00
Advance Designer/Inspector  $400.00 or county's actual cost
Soil Verification  $100/verification
SSTS Renewal Permit Fee-Unplatted Area  $2,000.00
Permit Amendment or Change of Design  $50.00 
Low Interest Loan Application Fee  $30.00
Non-standard SSTS Requiring Monitoring  $450.00
Fee Paid to Township for Township Inspection  $75.00
Re-inspection Fee-County  $50.00
Re-inspection Fee-Township  $50.00
Copy of SSTS Ordinance  $20.00
Letter of Approval-Contaminated Soil Wetlands  $100.00
Wetland Delineation Review (one lot for a family member is exempt from fee)-Less than 1 Acre  $60.00
Wetland Delineation Review (one lot for a family member is exempt from fee)-More than 1 Acre  $150.00
Assistance on Applications  $50.00/hour (hour minimum)
Replacement Plan & Banking Plan Review  $100.00
Monitoring of Created or Restored Wetlands  $100.00/year
Appeal of Wetland Decision  $100.00
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Commercial Building Exhibit Hall  $600.00/day
Commercial Building Meeting Room  $80.00/day
Basketball/Tennis Courts  $20.00/hour per court
Agribition Building Livestock Events  $220.00/day
Small Animal  $250.00/day
Large Animal  $7.00/head
Large Animal Cleanup Fee, Any Building  $75.00/day
Milk Room Rental Fee or Donation of Milk Cleanup Fee  $150.00/event $75.00 will be
 returned at conclusion of event
 if cleanup is satisfactory
Wash Facility Rental Fee  $75.00/day
Wash Facility Cleanup Fee  $100.00/event $50.00 will be
 returned at conclusion of event
 if cleanup is satisfactory
Agribition Building Non-livestock Events  $300.00/day
Country Diner Meeting Area  $80.00/day
Country Diner Meeting Area with Kitchen Facilities  $80.00/day
Grandstand  $2,20000/event
4H Building  $200.00/day
4H Cafe Meeting Area  $80.00/day
Horticulture Building  $200.00/day
Poultry Building  $175.00/day
Indoor Show Arena  $175.00/day
Outdoor Show Arena  $125.00/event
Horse Barn  $275.00/day
Horse Barn Cleanup Fee  $7.00/animal
Sheep and Swine Barns  $175.00/day
Sheep and Swine Barn Cleanup Fee  $7.00/animal
Pavilion with Mall Area  $175.00/day
Cold Storage (Oct.-May)  $10.00/linear foot
20 Tables with Chairs Provided with Event  
Additional Tables and Chairs  $7.00/table & 8 chairs/event
Additional Tables without Chairs  $3.00/table/event
Janitor  $25.00/hour
Audio Equipment  $10.00/day per item
Wireless or Portable Microphones  $50.00/event $30.00 will be
 returned at conclusion of event
 if undamaged
On-site Stages (all)  $75.00
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Assignment of New Address's
The assignment of new address permit  is prepaid  at the Zoning Office with fees going to the Highway Office
Non-routine Replacement of Address Sign  $195.00
Materials (parts, signs, posts, salt, sand, etc)  Cost plus 20 percent
County Road  $75.00 (support & installation)
Non-county Road  $80.00 (support)
   $300.00 (support & installation)
Specific Service Sign  $510.00/sign
Gravel Gradation Testing  $120.00/sample
Right of Way Permit (Utility or Special Use)  $125.00
Transportation Permits  
OS/OW Single Move Permit  $50.00 each move
OS/OW Annual Permit  $150.00/annually
Access/Entrance Permits  
Widen Field Approach  No Charge
New Field/Residential  $125.00/each
Commercial/Industrial/Streets  $250.00/each
Pipe Charge  
New  Cost plus 20 percent
Township Bridge Inspection  Actual cost plus 10 percent
Township Snow/Ice Control  $150.00 regular rate
 $170.00 holiday rate
Township Mowing  $95.00 regular rate
 $115.00 holiday rate
Township Blading  $155.00 regular rate
 $175.00 holiday rate
Highway Labor Rate  
Maintenance Labor  $45.00/hour
Engineering Labor  $50.00/hour
GIS Labor  $50.00/hour
Administration Labor  $55.00/hour
Equipment Rental Rates  Cost plus overhead
Miscellaneous GIS Fees  
Maps (up to 11"x17")          $10.00/copy
Maps (up to 22"x34")  $15.00/copy
GIS Data  Labor rates apply
LIDAR and OrthoPhotography  Labor rates apply
Media (CD or Diskette)  $5.00/CD or Diskette
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Law Enforcement

Jail Boarding Fees  $55.00
Jail Booking Reports  $5.00
Prisoner Booking Fee  $10.00
Huber  $20.00
Audio Tape Reproduction (CD/DVD)  $5.00/CD/DVD
Fingerprinting (civilian)  $20.00
Color Wheel UA Test  $25.00
UA Tests-in house  $25.00 positive $10.00 negative
UA Tests-Spice/K2-in house  $25.00 positive $10.00 negative
Court Ordered PBT Test  $25.00/week
Oral Swab Testing  $55.00 positive $5.00 negative
Medical Co-Pay (inmates)  
Nurse  $10.00
Medication  Refill cost per RX
Doctor  $10.00
Home Detention Fees  
Electronic Home Monitoring-landline  $16.50/day $112.00/week
Electronic Home Monitoring-cellular  $18.00/day $126.00/week
Electronic Home Monitoring w/alcohol-landline  $16.50/day $112.00/week
Electronic Home Monitoring w/alcohol-cellular  $18.00/day $126.00/week
SentencedElectronic Alcohol Monitoring-landline  $13.00/day $91.00/week
SentencedElectronic Alcohol Monitoring-cellular  $13.00/day $91.00/week
Pre-sentencedElectronic Alcohol Monitoring-private attorney  $13.00/day $91.00/week
Pre-sentencedElectronic Alcohol Monitoring-public defender  $5.00/day $35.00/week
Monitoring-hookup Fee  $30.00/one time fee
Civil Fees  
Service of Process per Paper  $45.00 including mileage
Additional Papers Served at same Residence  $30.00
Execution Commission  5 percent
Sale Notice-posting 3 copies  $45.00
Legal "Not Founds" Notice  $45.00
Executions Returned "Satisfied"  $45.00
Executions Returned "Unsatisfied"  $45.00
Return of Process-when no service made  $45.00
All Sheriff's Sales  $75.00
Redemption of Property-Mortgagor  $250.00
Redemption of Property-Other  $250.00
Certificate of Real Estate Sale  $65.00
Securing Property/Deputy Sheriff w/Squad  $100.00/hour/deputy
Handgun Permit to Carry (new applicant)  $70.00
Handgun Permit to Carry (late renewal)  $60.00
Handgun Permit to Carry (renewal)  $50.00
Permit to Carry (replacement card)  $10.00
Insurance Reports-first 3 pages  Free
Insurance Reports-four pages  $1.00
Insurance Reports-additional pages  $.25/each
Investigation Reports-first 3 pages  Free
Investigation Reports-four pages  $1.00
Investigation Reports-additional pages  $.25/each
Records Research Fee  $30.00/hour minimum
Scale Drawing  $45.00
Daily Firearm Storage Fee  $1.00/day per weapon
Digital Photos to CD  $5.00/CD
Transcription of Tapes/911 Calls  $30.00/hour minimum
False Alarm Charge (after 4th incident)  $50.00
Fire Arms Training  $50.00/peace officer plus  cost of   ammunition
Deputy Sheriff with Squad  $100.00/hour/deputy
Deputy Sheriff without Squad  $50.00/hour/deputy
Charge for backgrounds for other Agencies  $30.00/hour plus expenses
Storage Fees-small items  $15.00/day
Storage Fees-vehicles  $25.00/day
Storage Fees-large equipment/items  $35.00/day
Security for all Events with Squad  $50.00/hour/posse member
Security for all Events without Squad  $20.00/hour/posse member
Mounted Posse  
Security for all Events  $15.00/hour/posse member
Trailer Charge  $30.00
Use of Light Tower  $150.00/day (24 hr period)
Use of Command Post  $100.00/day (does not include personnel)
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Camping Fees  
Electrical  $25.00/day
Electrical  $132.00/week
Electrical  $456.00/month
Non-electrical  $18.00/day
Non-electrical  $90.00/week
Non-electrical  $307.00/month
Picnic Shelters   $35.00(includes $10.00 non-refundable fee) 
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Public Health

Administration Fee  $40.00
Administration Fee for those with MN Vaccine for Children Account  $20.00
Flu Shot  $40.00
High-dose Flu Shot  $60.00
Adult Hepatitis A or B  $50.00
Adult Hepatitis A or B (Twinrix)  $100.00
Measles-Mumps-Rubella  $45.00
Mantoux (Tuberculosis Screening)  $30.00
Tdap  $50.00
Foot Clinics   $25.00
Child Passenger Safety Program & Car Seat  
Income Eligible Families  $20.00
All Other  $50.00
Health Education Consultation Fee (CARS
Education and Other)
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Fax/e-mail of Record   $10.00 plus copy fee 
Copies/Images of Record  $1.00/page
Copes/Images of Recorded Mailed  $1.00/page ($2.00 min)
Copies Reduced Plats/RLS/Half Sections/Parcel Maps   $3.00
Uncertified Copies of Certificate of Title  $1.00/page ($10.00 max)
Document Deposit (600.23)  $150.00/document/year
Security Deposit (386.78)  $500.00 minimum
Passport Picture  $12.00
Landshark Fees  
Set-up Fee  $50.00
Monthly Fee  $50.00
Document Image  $2.00
Torrens Certificate  $2.00
Ordination Recording  $20.00
Certificate of Delinquent Tax $10.00/parcel
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 Social Services

Copy of Audio Tape of Child Protection  
Assessments and Interviews  $5.00
Copy of Typed Reports of Child Protection  
Assessments and Interviews  $.50/page
Background Checks for Abuse/Neglect Issues  
Charge to other States  Up to $100.00 (actual cost)/background
Day Care Licensing Fee  $50.00 total fee (includes fire inspection)
Day Care Licensing Fee  $25.00 (if $50.00 fire inspection fee is required)
Day Care Re-licensing Fee  $100.00 total fee (effective for 2 years)
Corporate Adult Foster Care Licensing  $500.00 total fee (generally effective for 2 years)
Legal Non-licensed Child Care Provider Registration  $75.00 2 year fee
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Solid Waste

Solid Waste Licensing  
Solid Waste Transportation  $150.00/business
Collection & Disposal  $30.00/vehicle
Recycling  $10.00/vehicle
Vehicle Change or Addition  $30.00/vehicle
MSW/Demo Decal Replacement  $30.00/vehicle
Recycling decal/Access Card Replacement  $10.00/vehicle
Solid Waste & Abatement MSW Facility
Solid Waste & Abatement Demolition Facility License  $500.00
Solid Waste & Abatement Recycling Facility License  $500.00
Non-compliance Penalty Fees  
Reporting Requirements not Met  $150.00/occurrence
Labor (Equipment Operation)  Time and a half/hour
Transportation  $1.25/mile
Problem Materials  
Fluorescent Bulbs  $.75/bulb
Household Light Bulbs  $.50/pound
PCB Ballasts  $1.50/pound
Non-PCB Ballasts  $.50/pound
Light Car & Truck Oil Filters   $.75/filter
Large Vehicle/Tractor Oil Filters  $1.50/filter
Individual Use/Camping Cylinders  $2.00/each
High Intensity Discharge Bulbs  $2.50/bulb
Capacitors  $3.50/pound
Neon Bulbs  $1.00/pound
Quartz Lamps  $1.50/each
Mattresses  $20.00/each
Box Springs  $20.00/each
Crib Matresses  $7.00/each
Tires (light car and/or truck only)  $3.00/each
Rims  $2.00/each
Electronic Items (laptop & larger)   $10.00/each
Appliances  $10.00/each
Misc. Bulb Cylinders  Vendor pricing
Artificial Christmas Tree  $5.00/each
Car Seats  $5.00/item
Car Seat Base & Booster Seats  $2.00/item
Recording Media (in county)  $.25/pound
Recording Media (out of county)  $.50/pound
VSQG Waste Disposal  
Paints,Solvents, Antifreeze, Motor Oil and
Roofing Tars
Aerosol Cans  $.75/can
Asbestos Containing Products  $1.50/pound
Contaminated Sorbents  $1.75/pound
Lab-packed Wastes  $3.00/pound
Pesticide Wastes  $3.25/pound
Waste Containing Inorganic Mercury  $10.00/pound
Mixed Batteries  $1.00/pound
Household Hazardous Waste Supplies  Current cost plus 25 percent
VSQG Technical Support  >30 minutes @ $30.00/hour
MRF Processing  
Non-contracted Single Sort Processing Fee  $40.00/ton
Out of County Agricultural Plastic Fee  $40.00/ton
Processing ICI Material  Difference left between processing
cost and value
Processing/Baling/Handling Fee  $56.00/ton
OCC Rebates  50% of value after processing fees
Special Cart Delivery Requests (More than one cart switch within a 12 month period)   $20.00/each
Problem Material Curbside Collection  $5.00/week
Pick-up Fee  $5.00/each
Cart Replacement Cost (95)  $60.00/each
Cart Replacement Cost (65)  $50.00/each
Cart Replacement Cost (35)  $40.00/each
Gaylord Boxes (selective)  $10.00/each 
Gaylord Boxes (non-selective)  $5.00/each
Pallets (reuseable)  $5.00/each
Pallets (non-reuseable)  $1.00/each
Disposal of Unacceptable Items  $120.00/ton
Pieces by the Ton  Official Board Market Value
Commercial Services   
Contracted Collection Services (in county)  $40.00/service
Contracted Collection Services (out of county)  $65.00/service
Basket Rental  $15.00/month
Trailer Rental  $175.00/month
Scale Fee  $5.00/ticket
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Planning & Zoning

Land Use Permits  
Dwelling & Manufactured Home  $325.00
County  $250.00
Township  $75.00
Dwelling Renewal Permit when Blocking Another Building Eligibility  $2,000.00
Dwelling Additions of Attached Garage  $150.00
County  $100.00
Township  $50.00
Dwelling Additions of Livable Area  $200.00
County  $150.00
Township  $50.00
Three Season & Enclosed Porches   $75.00
County  $50.00
Township  $25.00
Commercial/Industrial  $750.00
County  $600.00
Township  $150.00
Commercial Additions  $375.00
County  $300.00
Township  $75.00
  Min fee of $750.00 for new
commercial construction and $375.00 minimum fee for additions.  There shall be a surcharge of additional fees of $2.00 per $1,000.00 of value exceeding $100,000.00.

Handicap Accessible Code will have its
own predetermined fee established
by the State not to exceed $1,000.00.  Minimum
fee of $200.00 with surcharge of $2.00 per $1,000.00 of value exceeding $100,000.00.
Accessory Structures >2,400 sq. ft. or Structures Holding Livestock  $150.00
County  $120.00
Township  $30.00
Accessory Structures <2,400 sq. ft
& Grain Bins
County  $75.00
Township  $25.00
Accessory Structures <200 sq. ft
& Decks > 50 sq. ft.
County  $20.00
Township  $10.00
Greenhouse or Tent Style Construction Structures >2,400
sq. ft.
County  $50.00
Township  $25.00
Greenhouse or Tent Style Construction Structures <2,400
sq. ft.
County  $35.00
Township  $15.00
   Township zoning offices will complete
 LUP permit applications for agricultural
 accessory structures and additions
 not housing livestock.
Conditional Use Permits  $400.00 plus recorders fee and state
After-the-Fact CUP Hearing Fees  $1,000.00
Mining CUP  $750.00 plus recorders fee and state
Major Essential Services CUP's
for Electrical Power Transmission
Line, Pipelines, Solar & Wind
 $650.00 plus recorders fee and state
  Minimum $650.00 with an additional $100.00
for each mile of electrical power transmission
lines or pipelines. 
LUP - Solar Arrays of 1 MW or More  $1,000.00 or $50.00/acre whichever is greater
LUP - Solar Project not on Grid  $200.00 (No CUP needed)
LUP - Electrical Wind Generator  
>40 kw or >125' in Height  $500.00
<40 kw or <125' in Height  $125.00 (no CUP needed)
Towers & Antennas Require a CUP  $450.00 plus recorders fee and state
>199' LUP  $9,000.00
<199' LUP  $5,000.00
Co-Location of Additional Antennas,
LUP & Engineering Design
 $1,250.00 (no CUP needed) Only frequency &
 structural Engineering reviewed by a McLeod County
 engineering firm.
Antenna & Equipment Upgrade,
LUP & Engineering Design
 $750.00 (no CUP needed) a frequency &
 structural Engineering plan signed by a Licensed
 Engineer is required.  There's a $1,250.00
 minimum fee without engineering plans.  Additional
 costs will be incurred by the applicant for county
 appointed engineering fees.
Variance Requests  $450.00 plus recorders fee and state
After-the-Fact Variance Requests  $1,000.00 plus recorders fee and state
Rezoning Requests  $700.00 plus recorders fee and state
Platting  $650.00 for the first lot and $200.00
 every lot thereafter
Ordinance Amendments  $400.00
Special Meeting or Special Meeting
when Construction is Started without
Approval of Official Controls by the
County Board of Commissioners
 $900.00 plus recorders fee and state
Transfer Development Rights  $500.00 plus recorders fee and state
Amend Transfer Development Right  $250.00 plus recorders fee and state
LUP Revision Checks  $25.00
Zoning Certification  $50.00
Floodplain Certification  $50.00
Signs  $50.00 (up to 32 sq. ft. - $2.00 per
 sq. ft. up to 500 sq. ft. per side)
CUP & Variance Orders  $1.00/page
AllOthers  $.25/page
Same Day LUP's  Double the standard fee
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