QLess - Join a Virtual Line

qless logoJoining a Virtual Line

You can join several ways . . .

Text Message
Send a text message to 320-207-4911, key word mcleod county or mcleodcounty and follow the instructions

QLess App (available on Android or iPhone)
When using this app, it will show all places using QLess based on distance and location.
At this time, you will need to locate McLeod County.

The Internet
Click on the link that allows you to join the line from the county website

Lobby Kiosk
A computer at a located at the Government Center.
This is the only location you can choose to join this line without entering a cellphone number but
you will be able to watch the live monitor to view the status.

When joining the line with a cellphone number, you will receive text messages to inform you upon entering the line and the status of that line

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