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As of May 1, 2018, our office has merged with McLeod County Solid Waste to become one entity known as Environmental Services.

McLeod County Planning & Zoning
1065 5th Avenue SE
Hutchinson, MN  55350

Phone | (320) 484-4300 | 1-(800) 335-0575
Fax: (320) 484-4315

Marc Telecky, Director
PH | (320) 484-4342

Larry Gasow, Zoning Administrator
PH | (320) 484-4341

Jacob McLain, Technician II
(Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems and Feedlots)
PH | (320) 484-4343

Sandra Posusta, Administrative Assistant
PH | (320) 484-4344

For aerial photos and maps of McLeod County GIS maps

Web Reporting Requirements for McLeod County Natural Resource Block Grants and Clean Water Fund Grants:

The Legislature provides funds to counties to implement state and federal regulations for natural resource programs that include wetlands, feedlots, septic systems, shoreland, and comprehensive local water management plan.

The following posted reports below show the amount and kind of work that was done as well as the cost to perform the work.
The McLeod County Environmental Services Department should be contacted if there is interest in additional details.
McLeod County Comprehensive Local Water Management Plan


Downloadable Files
2014 City of Biscay Project
2014 Feedlot Performance Credit Report
2014 NRBG Report
2014 Shoreland Report
2014 SSTS Report
2014 WCA Report
2015 Feedlot Performance Credit
2015 NRBG Feedlot
2015 NRBG Local Water Mgm
2015 NRBG MPCA Feedlot Performance
2015 NRBG Septic Treatment Sys Incentive
2015 NRBG Septic Treatment Systems
2015 NRBG Shoreland
2015 NRBG Wetland Conservation Act
2015 Shoreland Report
2015 SSTS Report
2015 WCA Report
2016 NRBG Reporting
2016 Shoreland Report
2016 SSTS Report
2016 Feedlot Report
2016 Feedlot Supplemental Report
2016 WCA Report