Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Maps

Maps have been assembled for viewing various presentations of McLeod County.  Both maps are available for download in detail below.

One presentation is "Prime Farmland" which is created based on the types of SSURGO soils present. SSURGO Soils determine performance levels of soils.  The Prime Farmland is one presentation of SSURGO Soils.  These SSURGO Soils can be related to other data sets such as parcels, tillable acres, wetlands, roads, and others.  Different related data sets provide information to assist in decision making processes. 

Another presentation is a "Digital Elevation Model" which is created based on sample elevations across the county.  The Digital Elevation Model is used in the creation of floodplain designations and other types of analyses.  The current digital elevation model is generally approximate and can be used by multiple agencies when elevation is of need of general terrian data.  One example is municipalities may refer to the DEM when calculating rainfall runoff into storm sewer lines.  This assists in determining the sizing of pipe needed.  Another example is the DNR's usage in predicting floodstaging.  The DNR has been pursuing a more accurate DEM through the technology of LIDAR.  LIDAR would eliminate the general nature of the current DEM and would create accurate floodplain areas, as well as many other useful flood related references for the public.  

1.SSURGOPrimeSml      2.DEMSml