Rural Addressing

Rural Addressing and Emergency Response   

Rural addressing (for those outside of city limits) was implemented in 1990 for McLeod County.  Rural addressing's primary objective is for emergency response, with secondary objectives which include general location and mail delivery.  If an individual has a home which has been torn down or another instance where the address sign is no longer being used, that landowner should notify the McLeod County GIS Department in writing.  The address sign will then be removed at no expense.  The rural address signs should not be confused with the old "fire number signs" which are pre-1990.  This will better assist McLeod County with maintaining the addressing system which will promote a clean accurate system without "old" unused numbers.  This clean data then can be used to produce the following accurate maps for Emergency Services as well as for the general public.  Residents requesting new addresses should review the Request an Address page.  Residents requesting a replacement sign should contact the McLeod County GIS Department.

Blue signs are installed up to 25' from the edge of traveled lane.  Signs are not placed on the edge of the road for crash safety purposes.  Residents should not move the address sign nor tamper with the markings for utility locates which is a misdemmeanor under Minnesota Statute 160.2715

Addressing Maps are available in PDF format below. Each of the 2007 maps are approximately 0.4MB in size. Each of the 2004 maps are approximately 3MB in size.

Downloadable Files:
2010 Acoma Township
2010 Bergen Township
2010 Collins Township
2010 Glencoe Township
2010 Hale Township
2010 Hassan Valley Township
2010 Helen Township
2010 Hutchinson Township
2010 Lynn Township
2010 Penn Township
2010 Rich Valley Township
2010 Round Grove Township
2010 Sumter Township
2010 Winsted Township