Information Technology

Information Technology
520 Chandler Avenue N
Glencoe, MN  55336

The Information Technology Department is an internal county department created to serve the internal Staff of McLeod County by providing the following:

A stable network infrastructure so that County Staff can use their desktop pcs to communicate with the applications and data required to help constituents with their questions and requests.

Along with providing a stable network, IT supports and provides maintenance to the phone system and voicemail so that constituents can contact the departments by phone and not have to drive in to an office to communicate about their needs.

Researching and maintaining the pc hardware requirements of state applications as well as other third party applications so our Staff have the correct tools they need to help the constituents in a timely manner.

Continuing to make sure there is a robust backup infrastructure so that all old and new data is protected, backed up to tape and stored offsite in case of a disaster so we can recover the data needed to support our constituents.