Board of Adjustment (Variance)

Variances are granted by the McLeod County Board of Adjustment.   Variance applications and a one-time payment $496 (non-refundable) must be received by the 4th Thursday of the month in order to be scheduled on the following months' agenda.  (Check or Cash Only)   Please apply at the Environmental Services Office prior to attending the Township meeting.

Due to the wide variety of proposals received, it it essential to discuss your proposal with a staff member in the Environmental Services Office before applying for a Variance.

Marc Telecky, Environmental Services Director
(320) 484-4342

Jacob McLain (Septic / Feedlot)
(320) 484-4343
Sandy Posusta, Administrative Specialist
(320) 484-4344

Applicant Shall Attend Township meeting (after filing the application with the Environmental Services Office) in order to explain the proposal to the Town Board and to receive their written recommendation on the formal application.  Also, a Sewer Certificate of Compliance may be required if our Office is unable to determine if the system is in compliance (per Minnesota State Rules Chapter 7080) or if the site is located within shore land.

To apply, visit Environmental Services  by the 4th Thursday of the current month to be included on the following month's agenda. We are located at 1065 5th Avenue SE, Hutchinson, MN  55350.  Payment is due at this time in the form of check or cash.  Credit Cards are not accepted. 

Downloadable Files:
Variance Application
Variance Info Hand-Out