About Us

Agency phone: 320-864-3185
Agency fax: 320-864-1484
Agency Email: mcleod.phnsupport@co.mcleod.mn.us

McLeod County Public Health Department's mission is to protect, promote and improve the health of all people in McLeod County through education, empowerment and collaboration.

The Department's mission for employees is to create and strive to continuously improve a work environment that will empower all employees to fulfill the mission of public health nursing through enhanced communication, decision making, planning and implementation.

McLeod County Public Health offers many services to meet the health needs of area residents. These services are provided in clinic settings, school settings and in the homes of resident clients. The payment sources for these services includes third party reimbursement, grant funds and a sliding fee.

Here is a quick reference guide to some of the programs we offer: Programs and Services Overview

For a more comprehensive resource guide this resource is available: McLeod County Family Resource Guide

All eligible persons shall have equal access to the programs, facilities and employment of this agency, without regard to race, creed, economic status, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental handicap.

The last published annual report for Public Health: 2018 McLeod County Annual Report