Child Care Assistance

McLeod County operates a Child Care Assistance program that helps families pay for child care so that parents can work, attend school or look for a job.  This program is supported by state and federal funds.

The family may need to pay a portion of the child care cost.  This amount is called a co-pay and is based on family size and income.  Family income must be less than 175% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines at the time of initial application to qualify for funds. 

Child Care Assistance can help families with these needs pay for the cost of child care:

  • Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) - for families receiving MFIP cash assistance.  Child Care Assistance is provided so parents can work, attend school, or attend social service appointments.
  • Diversionary Work Program (DWP) - for families receiving DWP assistance.  Child Care Assistance is provided so parents can work, job search, and work with Employment Services.
  • Transition Year Child Care Assistance - for families who received MFIP or DWP for at least 3 of the last 6 months.  Child Care assistance is provided for up to 12 months from the date MFIP or DWP closes, so parents can work or job search.  School and training programs are not approved activities for child care on this program.
  • Basic Sliding-Fee Child Care Assistance - for families who need help paying for child care so they can work, job search or attend school. Basic Sliding-Fee Child Care Assistance is for families with low incomes not enrolled in MFIP or DWP.  Unfortunately McLeod County has recently started a waiting list for this program due to the lack of available funding. To be screened and placed on the Basic Sliding Fee Waiting List please call 320-864-1504.

People interested in applying for help through the Child Care Assistance Program can call (320) 864-3144 or (800) 247-1756, or they may apply in person at the McLeod Social Service Center, 520 Chandler Avenue North, Glencoe.

Types of Child Care that Qualify
The McLeod County Child Care Assistance program can pay any licensed child care center or licensed child care home that is registered with McLeod County.  If you need help in finding licensed child care, you can call Child Care Aware of Minnesota at 1-888-291-9811.  There is also a new online search tool - - to help parents find child care and early education programs that will help their young children get ready for kindergarten.

The Child Care Assistance Program can also pay unlicensed child care providers who are over the age of 18 and pass a background study. Unlicensed providers must also provide verification of successful completion of First Aid and CPR training, along with several other requirements. For more information about the program, call (320) 864-3144 or (800) 247-1756.

Helpful Links
Child Care Aware of Minnesota
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Downloadable Files:
Child Care Assistance Program Overview
McLeod County Child Care Assistance Program 2018-2019 (Updated 1-19)


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