Notary Public Information

To obtain an application for a Notary Public License: 

Please contact the Minnesota Secretary of State at the following web address: 

Also see other links towards the bottom of the website listed above for other pertinent information such as: 
~ Notary Application
~ Duties of a Notary

To file a Notary Public License:

Once you have received your Notary Public License, you must file it in the County of your residence.

In McLeod County:
~ Appear in person with your Notary Public License.
~ Fee: $20.00 cash or check made payable to McLeod County Recorder

E-Notary Authorization

E-Notary authorization for notaries public who wish to perform electronic notarizations is now available.

Persons applying to perform e-notarizations must be currently registered as Minnesota notaries public and must have the capability to notarize electronically before requesting authorization.  There is no additional fee for notaries public to augment their authorization to include e-notarization.

The application for e-notary authorization is available at .  

If you have questions about e-notary, please call 651-296-2803 or email