Bail and Warrant Information

Bail and/or Bonds on McLeod County Warrants:  Contact Court Administration or the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch.  (See below for the hours.)

Bail and/or Bonds on Out of County Warrants:  During business hours the Sheriff's Office clerks may help with bond information.  After business hours contact the local originating agency of the warrant.  If the person you wish to post bond for is in custody in McLeod County then contact the jail.

Bail and/or Bonds will only be accepted by Court Administration in the Courts Building, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Excluding legal holidays.  After business hours, weekends and holidays bail and/or bonds will be accepted at Dispatch.

Warrant Search
Check the Warrant Search page for current, active warrants.  New warrants issued by the courts can take several days to get into our warrants system.

Pay Bail / Turning Yourself in on a Warrant
If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you can turn yourself in at the main Sheriff’s Office or Court Administration window no later than 9:00 a.m. on a regular court day and the Sheriff's Office will make every attempt to get you on the court docket for that day.  Due to varying circumstances in the courts, we cannot guarantee that you will be seen that day, but in most cases you will be seen the same day.  If a judge has set a bail amount on the warrant, you must turn yourself into the Sheriff’s Office to be booked and processed.  Once you have been booked and processed, you may pay the bail at the jail or post bond through an approved bonding agency.  Once bail has been paid or bond posted, a court date will be assigned and you will be released from custody.

If you want to post bail or bond for someone currently in jail, this can be done at certain times in person at the Sheriff’s Office or Court Administration.  See hours listed above. Bail for McLeod County Inmates with out of county warrants must be posted at the Sheriff’s Office or at the originating agency of the warrant.  Bail is accepted in cash (exact amount).  Bonds are accepted from approved bonding agents licensed in Minnesota.

The McLeod County Court Administration accepts payments in person by cash.  The McLeod County Sheriff's Office accepts payments in person in cash (exact amounts).

Bail vs. Bond
Bail and Bonds are related terms referring to a requirement imposed by the court that a defendant put forth a financial backing to their promise to appear in court as ordered.  Basically, bail is cash paid by the defendant, or on his/her behalf.  Bonds are, essentially, a document provided by an authorized bonding company guaranteeing that the defendant will appear or the bonding company will have to pay the court.  Bail is accepted in the full amount in cash.  Bonds are usually posted by an approved bonding agent for a set fee (typically around 10% of the bond amount) and other guarantees or collateral.

Bail that is posted is normally returned to the defendant once they have satisfied the courts requirements, but may be forfeited if the defendant does not appear on the assigned court date or may be credited towards fines and fees due to the court. Money paid to a bonding agent is normally considered a fee and is not returned.
Court Information:  McLeod County District Court Website