The McLeod County K-9 Unit consists of Kilo and his handler Sergeant Brian Stiles.

Kilo traveled from Slovakia to McLeod County where he met his new handler, Sergeant Brian Stiles, and his family on December 6, 2015. He immediately began to ride along with Sergeant Stiles in the squad car to familiarize him with the patrol car and public. In February, 2016, Kilo and Sergeant Stiles attended four weeks of basic obedience and narcotics training. They then attended a ten week working dog training, which included courses such as patrolling, tracking, and searching. On June 7, 2015, Kilo official became a patrol K-9.

When Kilo is off-shift, he is a family member at the Stiles' residence. In fact, the Stiles children chose his name.

When you see a K-9 Officer

  • Always receive the officer's approval before approaching the dog. 
  • Do not be offended if the answer is "no". The team may have a legitimate reason for no distractions to the dog at the time.
  • If the officer approves, approach the dog calmly.
  • Make sure children are treating the dog with respect and avoiding ear and dog pulling.
  • Do not approach a K-9 squad when the officer is not around.
  • Use common sense and remember the dog is a working dog.

K-9 Demonstrations
If you would like a have Kilo perform a demonstration for a group or an event, please contact Sergeant Brian Stiles by calling 320-864-3134 or sending an email to brian.stiles@co.mcleod.mn.us.