Health Care and Medications

Health Care Services
McLeod County provides a variety of health care services which include medical care, dental care, and psychological care from licensed professionals within our community.

We have two registered nurses on site on Mondays and Thursdays.

Inmates have access to their prescription medications and can purchase over the counter medications.  Doctor, dentist, and nurse visits are given for a nominal fee.  Inmates who have medical insurance are billed for services rendered.

Other Medications
Family members and friends can drop off medications in the main lobby of the jail.  The jail only accepts valid, non-expired prescriptions.  Authorized items such as contact lens solutions will only be accepted in new, unopened, non- tampered containers.

HIPPA Regulations
Due to patient confidentiality and HIPPA regulations, we are unable to answer medical questions and concerns over the phone.  The inmate must sign a HIPPA Release of Information Form before any information can be given out in writing.