Hands-Free Minnesota: Did you know?

When Minnesota’s hands-free cell phone law takes effect August 1, drivers over 18 will be able to:

  • Use your phone while driving, but only in hands-free mode.
  • Text, but only in hands-free or voice-aviated mode.
  • Use your phone as a GPS – but only in hands-free or voice-aviated mode only. 
  • Listen to music and podcasts – but only in hands-free or voice-aviated mode.
  • Use your phone hand-held or hands-free in an emergency, but ONLY to get assistance if there is an immediate threat to life and safety.

Long story short – When in traffic (and that includes time at stoplights) cell phone functions can only be used hands-free – no typing, scrolling or holding the device. 

Need to adapt your cell phone to be hands-free compatible? Here’s what to do:

  • Pair your phone with your vehicle’s Bluetooth system.
  • Use an AUX cable to connect your phone’s earphone jack to your vehicle’s car AUX jack or use a cassette tape player.
  • Purchase a holder that clips to the dash, vent or cup holder.
  • Use a single earbud (using both earbuds is illegal).
Hands-free handout

For additional information, visit the Minnesota Safety Council’s Hands-Free Resource Page and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Hands-Free Page.