Emergency Declaration and Special Board Meeting 03-24-2020

McLeod County Board of Commissioners Chair Joe Nagel has signed an Emergency Declaration for McLeod County. After Kevin Mathews, Emergency Management Director for McLeod, held a discussion with the Department of Homeland Security, it has been allowed that this Emergency Declaration be brought as a resolution before the full McLeod County Board of Commissioners at a Special Meeting to be held on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, at 9:00 am at the McLeod County Courthouse. Commissioner Nagel shared, “McLeod County Board of Commissioners and staff are committed to the safety of citizens and employees. We will continue to communicate facts surrounding this public health emergency through education and updates to media and our main point of information, our County Website (www.co.mcleod.mn.us), along with our McLeod County Facebook page”.

McLeod County is declaring a state of emergency due to the fact that we are not operating as a county as we normally do. Limiting public access to our county buildings was a key factor in declaring this emergency. There are several counties across Minnesota that have done this as one of the first steps in the pandemic response. Declaring a state of emergency may also assist us in any possible reimbursement for supplies purchased directly for the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Kevin Mathews, “McLeod County also partially activated the county emergency operations center. We are meeting virtually and sharing information back and forth. Having things in place now will ensure a smoother response should it need to be expanded”.