Court Services (Probation)

Susan Suemnick-Department Head
320-864-1277     fax: 320-864-1415

DOC Felony Office:  320-300-1302     fax:  320-864-2947

This office provides direct supervision (and pre-sentence investigations) for all juveniles, as well as adult misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenders.  Probation agents facilitate the rehabilitation of their clients, while improving community safety, by making referrals to address issues which may include chemical use, mental health, anger management, domestic abuse, etc.

Andy Ypma          320-864-1266  
Cindy Ernhart       320-864-1267
Susan Suemnick  320-864-1257

Supervison Fees for Misdemeanor & Gross Misdemeanors offenses:  make money order or cashier's check payable to McLeod County Treasurer and submit to:

McLeod County Court Services
83011th St. E. Suite 218
Glencoe, MN  55336

Glencoe Felony Office-McLeod County
722 11th St. E.
Glencoe, MN  55336                    

DOC Office     320-300-1302
Kyle Zajicek    320-300-1305
Jason Pauly    320-300-1306
Angela Maus   320-300-1303
Holly Kanduth  320-300-1304
fax:                  320-864-2947

Supervison Fees for Felony offenses:  make money order or cashier's check payable to MNDOC and submit to:
722 11th St. E.
Glencoe, MN  55336