County ditches are regulated by the Ditch Authority which is composed of the  County Board of Commissioners. The Ditch Authority is responsible to maintain or improve the county drainage system as needed. 

McLeod County Ditch Map  has been developed to show the location of all county and judicial ditches. Drainage law governing the county ditch system is provided by Minnesota Rules Chapter 103E.

Having further questions regarding a county ditch? Contact Adam Leske, Ditch & Drainage Inspector at (320) 864-1215, or your local Commissioner, or one of the ditch committee members listed below.

Soil & Water Conservation Ditch & Drainage Inspector
Adam Leske       320-864-1215

District 1:
Commissioner Ron Shimanski 320-327-0112 or David Dostal 320-327-8484
District 2:
Commissioner Doug Krueger 320-864-5944 or Larry Phillips 320-510-0504
District 3:
Commissioner Paul Wright 320-587-7332 or Scott Streich 320-583-5324
District 4:
Commissioner Rich Pohlmeier 320-583-9738 or Steve Reiner 320-583-8470
District 5:
Commissioner Joe Nagel 320-587-8693 or Francis Svoboda 320-587-8718